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My name is Jake Hendrix Corboy. I was born in Bend Oregon in 1981. When I was 2 years old, my parents bought an old house in Seattle. Most of my childhood was spent "helping" my dad remodel the house. Growing up in a construction site was quite a bit of fun; I rode my tricycle inside the house and had plenty of dirt in the backyard to play with. In my teen years, I began playing the guitar and formed a rock band; we played music together for 16 years.

I was first introduced to pottery in high school. I took quickly to the wheel. Soon after throwing a bowl, I was trying to throw bowls inside of bowls (like a chip'n'dip bowl). Once I figured that out, I went onto throwing more and more layers/tiers. These pieces became multi-tiered lids and fountains. I eventually started stacking the multi-tiered pieces to make table lamps.  After high school, I acquired a wheel and kiln and enjoyed throwing clay in my spare time. I worked in residential remodeling with my Dad and enrolled in the specialty desserts and breads program at Seattle Central Community College. Upon graduation, I worked in a few fine bakeries and restaurants in Seattle.

In order to further my career in baking and pastry, I moved to Las Vegas to work at the Paris hotel. I eventually ended up as a bread baker for Guy Savoy. In the absence of my ceramic studio, I focused my creative attention on fish tanks of all types. While I enjoyed working with my hands and excelled at my job, I kept thinking about the ceramics that I made back in Seattle. After living in the desert for a few years, I had grown to miss the greenery and rain of the northwest, and returned to my wheel and kiln.

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